About Us

Salam Aroma is constantly working to present you a natural and healthy alternative to the costly and confusing world of chemically processed beauty and healthcare products. Our motto is to use the finest organic and natural ingredients in a variety of products for your inner and outer health. We are constantly collecting natural aromas and herbs from all over the world to enhance your natural beauty and to bring out the best in you. We also strive to find natural solutions for your stress-related body and emotional needs. We strongly believe that natural healing is the best therapy to remove obstacles that confine a person from reaching their optimal level. We vow to get you out of the stressful lifestyle. A physically and emotionally balanced person can only make a ride to the top of the mountain.

Nature provides us abundance of resources. However, each one is different from the other and has different utilization. All the plants and herbs are not the same and each one stands out with its’ own strength. We, the nature lovers believe that a great result can be achieved by creating a synergy blend for each individual for each unique problem. The problems are of three categories: outer layer of the body (skin related), emotional (stress related), medicinal or spiritual balance related. Incense Route works with each individual by keeping all three problems in our mind.


We believe that there is no alternative to nature’s awesome power. Even the most high-end of skin care products are filled with chemicals and synthetic ingredients, ranging from bleach (for “whitening”), plastic beads (for “skin-firming”) or parabens (chemicals used to increase the shelf-life of the product, which have been linked to breast cancer and skin diseases). Why bother with these items, when you can use products that have been proven since ancient times? Natural plant extracts with organic blending (comparatively shorter shelf life) would rather condition the skin, keep the skin undamaged and would enhance the beauty without harming it in.

Our product line is limited to only the best the organic market can offer in face treatments, body lotions, and hair, bath and lip balms. For years we have been working with eco-friendly, environmentally-conscious suppliers across the globe to source our raw ingredients. We love to provide excellent customer service for high-quality and healthy ingredients. Our aim is to continue to grow by providing exciting new formulas and treatments to our clients.


Emotional beauty

Physical beauty may not last longer without a balanced mind. Aromatherapy works on both the physical and emotional level at the same time. The dual actions of essential oils are unbeatable, as the blend penetrates through the skin and reaches to the nervous system. This way it leaves a soothing effect on the skin while being transmitted to the central nervous system for more actions. Applying the synergy blend to the pulse points brings a sense of comfort by reducing stress and fatigue. Oils such as rosemary or jasmine energize and uplift the nerve centers. On the other hand, oils such as chamomile and lavender calm the mind and relax the physical body as well. Others, including rosemary and peppermint, increase blood circulation.


Medicinal Value

Aromatherapy works in a great way for those interested in holistic healing. Our selection of essential oils are renowned as natural infection fighters: lavender, tea tree, cinnamon, lemon and bergamot have substantial amounts of antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties that have been proven by the research studies. In many European countries, aromatherapy has been used in hospitals and clinics in addition to the medical practices. Inclusion of aromatherapy in to the medical care may help a person to lower the medical dosage (in many cases). Many people who come with arthritis pain or eczema feel better after a while because of the effectiveness of the aromatherapy. Some people like it because it is natural and almost no side effects.


Spiritual Uplifting

In divine religions, angels are believed to be the messengers between the divine power and earthly humans. Essential oils such as rosemary, Roman chamomile, myrrh or frankincense can be a powerful way to lift your spirit. It reaches to the brain center to create a spiritual awareness in you.

Spiritual healing is one of the most powerful healing. Since ancient time religions as diverse as Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism have used fragrances to enhance their ability to be connected with the Divine power. Using aromatherapy also takes a person to the deeper level to increase the spiritual awakening. Our essential oil synergy blend is created to light the fire up for you. We understand that with a right kind of blend makes it possible to intensify the quality of the meditation. The aroma creates a mood of tranquility, peace and harmony. We offer customized blends suitable for each individual’s spiritual connection.