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Dark Spots: Natural, Organic Treatments

Dark spots are often caused by the sun’s strong UV rays, hormonal changes or even strong doses of medication that may affect your body’s pigment levels. While other types of treatments–such as skin-lightening or skin-whitening creams–are untested and high in chemicals (some have even tested positively for ammonia and bleach!), our all-natural and organic treatments will strengthen your skin’s natural, healthy glow and get rid of unsightly dark spots in a safe, clean and natural manner.

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Cramps (Painful Periods)

Most women suffer some discomfort during their monthly cycle. For some, the cramps become unbearable; during that time some of us try to ease the pain by taking high dose medicated pain relief. Aromatherapy offers natural alternatives that can help women to relax without having to deal with the strong medication. Our all-natural blended essential oil therapy can be used in various ways, including baths, warm sitz baths, warm compresses over the abdomen, abdominal area massage or full body massage. The analgesic properties in a proportionately blended aromatherapy package would definitely relax your body and mind in a manner that would lessen your troublesome periods and bring comfort and balance in your life.

After a complimentary consultation, our licensed aromatherapist can suggest the right natural tools and items to manage the physical and mental stresses of your monthly cycle. Please contact us today for your free, customized consultation.

Athlete’s Foot

The fungal infection commonly known as athlete’s foot can lead to cracked, dry skin; redness or even painful swelling of the feet. While it goes away in about 40% of cases, it may persist for some parts of the population. To free yourself from the suffering and anguish of athlete’s foot, we offer a full complement of natural, plant-based treatments tailored to your individual needs. Please contact us today for your free consultation.

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Religious Ceremonies

Since ancient times, the natural resins and oils used in aromatherapy have also been prized for use in religious ceremonies. Whether it is the frankincense and myrrh prized by Christianity and Judaism, the bakhoor, oud, and attars used in Islam or the myriad types of incense sticks and resins used in Buddhism, Shintoism and other alternative practices–all of them are used to make the connection to the higher power an easier process. By using only the finest, natural and organic ingredients from all over the world, Incense Route is committed to making your special religious ceremonies and rituals truly transcendent.

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Wrinkles can be caused by a variety of factors including stress, environment or age. Fighting back against these factors can make you look younger, healthier and more vibrant. Turn back the clock with our anti-aging products that are mixed and blended per your customized skin type using all pure, certified organic natural plant extracts. After a free consultation from our expert aromatherapist, we can give you the custom hand-made natural creams, masks and lifestyle advice to protect the natural resilience of your skin.

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