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Cramps (Painful Periods)

Most women suffer some discomfort during their monthly cycle. For some, the cramps become unbearable; during that time some of us try to ease the pain by taking high dose medicated pain relief. Aromatherapy offers natural alternatives that can help women to relax without having to deal with the strong medication. Our all-natural blended essential oil therapy can be used in various ways, including baths, warm sitz baths, warm compresses over the abdomen, abdominal area massage or full body massage. The analgesic properties in a proportionately blended aromatherapy package would definitely relax your body and mind in a manner that would lessen your troublesome periods and bring comfort and balance in your life.

After a complimentary consultation, our licensed aromatherapist can suggest the right natural tools and items to manage the physical and mental stresses of your monthly cycle. Please contact us today for your free, customized consultation.